Porsche Classic Welcomes Cayenne With Three Awesome Decal Sets

2023-03-24 09:15:38 By : Ms. Eva Wong

Remember when Porsche introduced its first-ever SUV in 2002? The launch of the Cayenne was not accepted easily by many purists, but the truth is the success of this model gave the Stuttgart-based company momentum to keep building its much-loved sports cars. To render the first-gen Cayenne the recognition it deserves, Porsche Classic has welcomed the performance SUV to its lineup and it has also prepared a few surprises.

The brand’s division that helps owners of classic Porsche cars keep them healthy has already built two test vehicles based on the first-generation Cayenne, which preview potential individualization options. Three decal sets will be available - Hunt, Adventure, and Rallye, all designed by Style Porsche. These are not packages that are ready to be sold, though Porsche says they hint at the “approach that first-generation Cayenne owners will be able to take.” Car Floor Mats Online

Porsche Classic Welcomes Cayenne With Three Awesome Decal Sets

“This car has real character,” Eduard Reichert, Manager of Product and Quality Management at Porsche Classic, says. “We have seen what owners have already been doing to their vehicles, when it comes to roof tents, extra lights, and all-terrain tires, for example. We will be offering customers the chance to equip their cars in a very unique way. Individual and sporty.”

The Porsche Classic division is currently testing original accessories for the first-gen Cayenne and it expects to have them on sale soon. These include floor mats, luggage compartment trays, wheelsets, roof baskets, and mud flaps, with Porsche saying “the possibilities are almost limitless” when it comes to customizing the original Cayenne. 

The first-gen Cayenne remained on the assembly lines until 2010 with about 275,000 examples produced in total. Plenty of them are still on the roads around the globe today, which makes the new accessory options applicable to a large number of vehicles.

Porsche Classic Welcomes Cayenne With Three Awesome Decal Sets

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